Monday, January 21, 2013

The misguided and/or NFL / Soldier comparison

     There is a photo of a U.S. Marine circulating the Internet, primarily on Facebook, that states, and I quote, "A man wearing a soldiers helmet should earn more money than a man wearing a football helmet."  I see this post on Facebook almost on a daily basis and most oft, several of my fellow conservatives and registered Republican citizens gleefully chime in and moan and groan about the millions of dollars football players earn and how our military personnel are under paid and mistreated on a daily basis.
     Being a conservative and a registered Republican myself, I find this particular post to be, quite frankly, one of the dumbest, most misguided things I have ever seen posted by conservatives on Facebook!!
     First of all, the brave men and women that "volunteer"...(let me repeat that)....VOLUNTEER to SERVE in the United States armed forces, don't do so for the money!  Within each of our military is the character that enables them to face physical pain, discomfort and possibly death and the virtue that compels them to sacrifice years of their lives to play a part in defending the nation in which they live.  That being said, no one ever woke up one day and said, "You know, I want to get rich! I think I'll join the Army!"
     The United States spends over $500,000,000,000 a year on defense while it collects about 5.6 trillion dollars in total tax revenue.  2.9 trillion dollars of that revenue is federal income taxes and approximately 65% of that comes from 5% of the American population or, about 16,000,000 taxpayers.  Who do you suppose some of those folks are???  You think maybe, possibly, some of them are athletes earning multi-million dollar incomes??  If you're sensing a bit of sarcasm ..........good, because I'm laying it on pretty thick!!
     That quarterback for the Broncos or that running back for the Steelers might land an $18,000,000 contract but, you can rest assured, the Federal Government is going to take (at least) $4,000,000 of that!  Where did you think the USA got all that money to finance the most powerful, most highly trained and advanced military on Earth??
     Celebrities, athletes, singers, actors and anyone else that found a way or went into a field that earns them multi-million dollar salaries are the 5% - 10% of the population that pay 70% of the bills!!!  You might not like many of these celebrities, of course!  Personally I think Sean Penn is a moronic, liberal asshole, and, I think there are several NFL players that don't deserve to play the game after what some of them have done criminally or otherwise.  On the other hand, Peyton Manning made a series of choices long ago to enable him to provide the USA with millions of tax dollars annually.  He could just as easily dropped out of high school, impregnated several women out of wedlock, gotten hooked on crack and consequently cost the US taxpayers untold thousands of dollars in welfare spending, but....he didn't do that, did he??  No......he graduated from high school, went to college, spent a life time, so far, training, staying physically fit, and pursuing a career that just happens to pay millions and millions of dollar are good enough.
     If you really want to get upset about what someones earnings are and where all the money goes, perhaps you could direct your attention to the $800,000,000,000 a year Barack Obama is now spending on welfare!!!  Who is getting that money???  Wouldn't a large portion of that $800,000,000,000 be better spent on our military than those that "chose" to drop out of high school, make dozens of babies and spend their free time smoking/selling crack and drinking beer???
     Conservatives nationwide have criticized Barack Obama for his repeated attacks on the wealthy, and rightly so!!  The wealthy are carrying the lion's share of the tax burden in the USA...and, like the true Marxist Obama is....he wants more!!  This is the fight we face.
     So.....explain to me, please, why would a so called "conservative" ever demonize the income of an NFL football player in an effort to support our military???  Who's side are you on?


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  2. GREAT topic today. Thanks for bringing this up and putting it all into prospectve.