Tuesday, January 22, 2013


               “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
                                                                                                                                         Edmund Burke   

 If you're here reading this, chances are you're an all too aware conservative that has watched Obama spend the last four years setting the stage for rich against poor, gay against straight, citizen against illegal immigrant and race against race.  The liberal sheep, blindly reveling in Obama's agenda, have played the race card so often it even emboldened uber liberal Whoopi Goldberg to shout to the roof tops on "The View"..and I quote..."Oh hell yeah!  I'm pullin' the race card"!  All across the country, day after day we see the divisions being made.  The wealthy are demonized repeatedly by the left.  In Maryland, Governor O'Malley is busy giving illegal immigrants ID's and Driver Licenses while he raises state income taxes on legal, tax paying, American citizens working and raising families.  Obama voters can buy T-shirts that say "MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK" on the front of them.  Try as I may, I cannot recall a T-shirt ever saying "MY PRESIDENT IS WHITE".   MSNBC anchors are still, repeatedly referring to anyone that disagrees with Obama in any way as a "racist"!   Clearly, after the first four years under The Anointed One's leadership, a line has been drawn in the sand!!  Now it is up to conservative America to cross it boldly, tactfully and intelligently.  After all, common sense and the Constitution are on our side.
   Election day, 2012 was a shocker, yes, and a phenomenal disappointment.  Before we hang our heads and prepare for what, at the moment, may feel like the impending doom of an inevitable Obamanation of the United States, lets try to remember a few things first and discuss what we CAN do.
   First of all, even though 65,899,660 votes were cast for Obama, 60,929,152 votes were cast for Romney or you could say "against Obama".  That is only a difference of 4,970,508 votes!!!  That's not exactly a landslide victory and, we know from diligent, conservative watchdogs that were hard at work during and immediately after election day that 100's of voting districts  all across the country were reporting numbers like 120%, 108% and 114% voter turnout, for example.  How does a district with 10,000 people cast 10,976 votes???   Hmmmmm!!!  One district in Florida discovered 938 uncounted ballots after Obama declared victory.  Needless to say, half, or very close to half of the country DOES NOT like Barack Obama!  So, what does that mean?  Well, my friends, it means there is more than enough of "us" to fight back.  By the way, the USA does have 30 Republican Governors now.  Food for thought.
    While I can't speak for every state, I am very familiar with the nature of business owners in Florida and Texas.  I spent  a few years in Texas and I live in Florida.  I can tell you, with reasonable confidence, the majority of business owners in Texas and Florida do not like Barack Obama now.   That proudly displayed OBAMA 2012 bumper sticker on your Prius may get you picked for the group to be laid off when the need arises.  It's already happening.  One business owner in Utah did just that.  He needed to lay off a dozen people in his company so, he trotted out to the employee parking lot and picked 12 cars with OBAMA 2012 bumper stickers on them and gave the vehicle owners the Hope and Change that they voted for!  Businesses in "Right to Work" states could exercise this practice with no challenge.
      It is still the law of the land to provide a social security card and a valid identification to work in the United States and yet business owners all across the country employ illegal immigrants every day and pay them in cash for much less than they would have to pay an American citizen.  I personally know of several businesses myself, here in Florida, that employ illegals.  I have reported them.  There are ICE offices all over the country and smaller ICE support locations in smaller towns, not to mention Sheriff Departments nationwide partnered with ICE.   http://www.ice.gov/contact/ero/
      How about that guy collecting $400 a week unemployment while he makes $600 a week  cash under the table??  Report him too!!  There is an office in every county to report unemployment fraud as well.
     Do I seem radical to you??  I sure hope not.  Consider the nationwide boycott of ChikFilA just because the owner publicly supported traditional marriage.  Consider what comes out of the mouths of liberal heroes like Bill Maher and Whoopi Goldberg or the left wing fueled filth that scummed up cities all across America not long ago and called themselves "OCCUPY WALL STREET"!!  The left is waging class war and racial war on us every day!
     One person cannot always make a difference but, 60,000,000 people can!!  Obama and his left winged, freeloading minions are succeeding because they aren't being challenged!!  We can't sit back and wait for Republican politicians to set our country right anymore.  They're failing.  They're outnumbered, overwhelmed and under the command of an arrogant, Marxist and now that he doesn't have to worry about reelection, fearless, wannabe dictator.
     It is time for the responsible half of this country to join the fray, combat the class warfare and respond, observe and report.   SHARE information.  Contact and supply information to your Republican Governor.  Work with your Sheriff.  Put ICE and fraud reporting offices on speed dial.  Make a list of email addresses to authorities.  Remember....the person you report fraud to might have voted for Romney!!!

Obama declared war on conservative America.....give him the fight he asked for!!!


  1. The liberals reveling in Obama's agenda, have played the race card so often it even emboldened very liberal Whoopi Goldberg to shout to the roof tops on "The View"..and I quote..."Oh hell yeah! I'm pullin' the race card"

    MY opinion is, we are going to have to fight in the mud with them, to even get to the level playing field. NICE is not working. GET SERIOUS, GET NASTY. Lets get this over with. Lets roll.

  2. Beat them with the truth, beat them with words. Beat them with logic.

  3. Maybe someone should have responded to Whoopi with " Pull that race card, you racist. NOW what?"