Wednesday, March 27, 2013


     When, exactly, did the majority become irrelevant??   How far are we going to allow this political correct juggernaut to travel??  I try very, very hard to accommodate the personal feelings and beliefs of all "groups", but this is getting ridiculous!!!  We have entered into an arena of the minority -vs- the majority and the minority is winning.  Gay -vs- straight.  Illegal immigrant -vs- U.S. citizen.  Christian -vs- agnostic/atheist.  Working citizen -vs- welfare citizen.
     Now, the USA....being the country it is, is traditionally a fairly open minded society.  If it wasn't, we wouldn't have every possible nationality on planet Earth represented within it.  A man can kiss his boyfriend in public without being stoned to death.  An illegal immigrant can work and earn money, feed his family and even rent a home, apparently, without fear of rotting on a dirt floor jail cell (like an illegal immigrant would in Mexico)!!  An atheist can actually sue to have a religious symbol removed from a  public place.  An able bodied American can drop out of high school, have several children out of wedlock and have their children and themselves provided for with food, money and low cost shelter by the federal government (aka the American taxpayer)...with no penalty of any kind!!!  A homosexual can get married or enjoy civil unions to his/her (significant other) in 19 U.S. states, so far, but, 1,000's of schools across the country have BANNED the use of words like "Easter" and "Christmas".  You get the idea, should.
     Here are the facts.  Gays in the USA represent less than 10% of the population = MINORITY.  There are approximately 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants in the USA = MINORITY.  Considering that approximately 70% of the US population identifies as Christian or Catholic, that would mean that (at best) 95,000,000 Americans are agnostic or atheist again = MINORITY
     We all live in a nation that allows for a multitude of different ideologies, beliefs and ideas but, this does NOT mean that it is OK to destroy age old, traditional institutions to get your way!  You are free to denounce the idea of GOD, you are not free to destroy the Nativity scene on your neighbors lawn!  You are free to have sex with your own gender all you like in the privacy of your own home and you are free to petition the federal/state governments to legally recognize a contractual, legally binding union that allows for financial and tax benefits similar to or the same as heterosexual marriages.  You are not free to demonize and desecrate a Christian marital tradition and institution  that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years.  Really...just how important do you think you are anyway???  Lets set the record straight on something here............the definition of "homosexual" is>>>    [[A person that is sexually attracted to persons of their own sex.]]  O.K.???  It's not a badge of exclusiveness or entitlement.  Personally, I think many members of the gay community have a huge amount of gall to become belligerent and confrontational just because the other 300,000,000 million people in the country don't care for the idea!!!  Aside from who you sleep with at put your pants on the same way every morning.
     We all know the current clown in the White House has empowered all of you to act out in radical fashion.  Illegal immigrants and gays and atheists and welfare leeches.....race card mongers and wealth all have rights!!!   Surprised?? do have rights.  This is America.  You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That does not mean any one minority has the right to demonize and work fervently to destroy any of the traditional institutions that have been alive and well in the USA since George Washington was President!! Captain Liberal, Barack Hussein Obama, aka The Great Divider will not be in power forever.  In fact......The Anointed One's "reign ends in 1,322 days!  Americans have a reputation of not taking shit for very long.  You may, as a minority with a cause, have a legitimate case......just be careful of how many toes you intentionally step on in the fight to get your way.  You may cut off your nose to spite your face.

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